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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Crazy Life

I've been in bed by 8PM every day for the past two weeks. It's not that I'm sleeping that's by being in bed for 10 hrs that i might be able to find four during which to sleep. Between the dog, the cat, and Lil's nocturnal antics, there's not much time to actually close my eyes.

Just a couple more days and the dog and cat will be relegated out of my bedroom and Lily will be re-ferberized and back in her own bed...

In the meantime at least for the next two nights we won't have the dog and the cat. It will just be maybe 6 hrs of sleep??

Monday, February 8, 2010


So unlike my compatriots back east who have about 5+ feet of snow on the ground, out here in Denver, I woke up to about 3 inches of the white stuff on Tuesday. Makes for a perfect commute on the cross bike, and makes the dog super excited. Something about snow really makes Sadie happy. And due to the 0% humidity, even though it's below freezing the snow still disappears.

Even with only three inches of snow, the bike paths get plowed...they even knocked some of the ice out of the "ice cave" under the highway. I'd been meaning to get a picture of the 3 foot stalagmites and tites but it's no more...

Two more nights here in this hotel (with two nights in Florida). So 4 days till we're moved into the new place.

Can't wait!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Week Down

Well we've all successfully survived a week in the hotel room. I've had a great week of rides, and have started using the weightroom again. I see 220 lbs in my future. Between lifting 3-4 times a week and mashing my 48x15 uphill to work, it won't be long before I'm bulking up again.

Right now, it's pretty easy to keep up with my calories. Chocolate Milk when I get home, followed by either eating out or a horrific (but free!!) meal at the Residence Inn. I mean really horrific...some of the lowest quality of food I've eaten in a long time...but it fills me up.

Breakfast is nice too, rotates between biscuits and gravy, and sausage sandwiches, so no problem getting calories. The issue will come in 2 weeks when we're out of the hotel. I highly doubt i will cook the fat laden breakfasts I've been eating here. I guess bacon and a protein shake might have to do...

Changing gears, the weather has been great. Pretty dry, 20s in the morning, mid 30s in the complaints...wonder how life is back East?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ah the High Life

Living at 6000 feet is taking a while to get used to. I don't notice it much just walking around, riding on the flats or running with the dog, but the elevation profile of my ride to work is a "V." It drops a couple hundred feet in the first 5 miles then regains the lost elevation over the course of the second 5.

It's the slow steady 2-3% climb for 5 miles where my lungs really start to rebel. But, it's only 10 miles so it's really not that bad.

All in all, life out here has been awesome. It's definitely a little cramped in our temporary corporate housing (A Residence Inn) between me, KC, Lily, Sadie, and Jane, but we get free breakfast and dinner, and it will make our two bedroom apartment we're renting while we sell our place in Philly seem gigantic.

Work has a great gym, showers, large coffee pot (instead of those stupid k-cups that only brew one cup at a time) AND because it's bike friendly Colorado, building management doesn't mind if I bring my bike inside and store it in my office as long as it's not muddy. (Which is a big improvement over Valley Forge where I was forced to park the bike outside and walk about half a mile to my office/showers).

Anyway, life is good. To see the latest exploits of Lily, head on over to KCs new blog at:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Out Bitches

Finally...Getting. The. Fuck. Out. Of. This. City.

No more wage tax.
No more corrupt city government.
No more ridiculous city fees ($50 to "register" our alarm?? WTF??)
No more taking my life in my hands to ride my bike to work.

Ok the last one's not true but at least it won't be the police that I'm worried about hitting me.

Now of course I'll miss the restaurants and about 14 people (in a city of 1.5 million). Sorry guys, but the future is going to rock. AND I promise to rub my new home in you faces by blogging as much as possible AND posting pictures (mostly of Lily I'm sure).

So yeah, I'm uprooting the whole family and moving them to beautiful Jefferson County Colorado, the gateway to the Rocky mountains and one of the most livable places in the United States. In mapping my route to work, I found about 3000 awesome bike rides on and a great route to work. I am super excited...and I start on Monday.


Monday, December 7, 2009

much requested post...

I'm downloading a new video and some pics as my mom pointed out that she hasnt had something new to watch...

Since I last posted Lily's new tooth count is up to 6...she has a huge gap in between her front top teeth--which is adorable now but may be costly later:P
she is very into getting into stuff she shouldnt and if she is giggling you have almost a sure bet she has something she thinks she shouldnt have (I thought this didnt happen til the terrible twos...)
that said she gets funnier everyday--she loves it when Aunt Brit sings to her...something about it makes lily belly laugh which is hilarious

my baby girl is also loving eating --she is her father's daughter after all--we have tons of wonderful fresh veggies pureed and frozen for her and she prefers the food that has more i'm spicing it up by adding her veggies to rice and cut up noodles

anyway--as is a video I took yesterday


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm finally posting after my marathon of writing and studying and submitting a paper...whew is it good to be done!
So life on the other side...let me tell you what...its pretty wonderful!

I promptly got sick after finishing my that was lousy but all in all, Lily and I spent our time recuperating and relaxing

now she is a working lady--heading into work with me in the mornings and then I leave after her AM is actually working relatively well--I've got a few finishing touches to add thne the FINAL thesis is ready to be printed and uploaded to the university's site--whahhooooo

Lily is charming as usual though we are battling with those teeth and I think she feels pretty rotten...her newest accomplishment is to "high five" which means she'll raise her hand and put it on yours....Justin had her high fiving her reflection last night...she was loving that

Lily has also gotten so good in her walker (as you can see from prior posts) and her arm span is getting so that she is TROUBLE...ah well it was nice when it lasted--I walked out of the room for a min the other morning and came back to find her with the USB part of the printer cord in her mouth....she LOVES terrorizing the dog and will block off her exit from the living room which is pretty funny...and she drags/carries around my purse when she can grab it
She also will come to you when you call her (as long as nothing more interesting is in the way)

I'll leave you with a bit different video than the last few...she was showing off her arm waving skills:)