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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I'm finally posting after my marathon of writing and studying and submitting a paper...whew is it good to be done!
So life on the other side...let me tell you what...its pretty wonderful!

I promptly got sick after finishing my that was lousy but all in all, Lily and I spent our time recuperating and relaxing

now she is a working lady--heading into work with me in the mornings and then I leave after her AM is actually working relatively well--I've got a few finishing touches to add thne the FINAL thesis is ready to be printed and uploaded to the university's site--whahhooooo

Lily is charming as usual though we are battling with those teeth and I think she feels pretty rotten...her newest accomplishment is to "high five" which means she'll raise her hand and put it on yours....Justin had her high fiving her reflection last night...she was loving that

Lily has also gotten so good in her walker (as you can see from prior posts) and her arm span is getting so that she is TROUBLE...ah well it was nice when it lasted--I walked out of the room for a min the other morning and came back to find her with the USB part of the printer cord in her mouth....she LOVES terrorizing the dog and will block off her exit from the living room which is pretty funny...and she drags/carries around my purse when she can grab it
She also will come to you when you call her (as long as nothing more interesting is in the way)

I'll leave you with a bit different video than the last few...she was showing off her arm waving skills:)


labrat said...

oh god, she looks like justin

The Woulfes said...

ha ha...yes indeed she does--in fact if I wasnt there, I'd wonder if she was mine at all!:P