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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Week Down

Well we've all successfully survived a week in the hotel room. I've had a great week of rides, and have started using the weightroom again. I see 220 lbs in my future. Between lifting 3-4 times a week and mashing my 48x15 uphill to work, it won't be long before I'm bulking up again.

Right now, it's pretty easy to keep up with my calories. Chocolate Milk when I get home, followed by either eating out or a horrific (but free!!) meal at the Residence Inn. I mean really horrific...some of the lowest quality of food I've eaten in a long time...but it fills me up.

Breakfast is nice too, rotates between biscuits and gravy, and sausage sandwiches, so no problem getting calories. The issue will come in 2 weeks when we're out of the hotel. I highly doubt i will cook the fat laden breakfasts I've been eating here. I guess bacon and a protein shake might have to do...

Changing gears, the weather has been great. Pretty dry, 20s in the morning, mid 30s in the complaints...wonder how life is back East?

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labrat said...

got a butt load of snow, but then my neighbor came over with his snow blower and cleared everything, so evan and I went sleading. it was awesome